What we do.

Providing tailor made solution for unique requirements of your business.

Packaging solutions

At Magna, We make perfectly protective packaging solutions for delicate products of natural origin, such as meat and poultry, fish, flowers, vegetables and fruit.

Benefits to industry

  1. Save valuable time
  2. Reduce and control Operational costs
  3. Enhance your packaging process with Goodwill!
  4. Differentiating your self from the crowd.
  5. Experts on your side.

Not only will the appropriate packaging preserve your product, but it will also strengthen your brand and save your total logistics costs. Each of oursolutions is designed and optimized for a specific product and flow. Your products deserve the best possible protection.

Our specialization

Adhesive and Pressure sensitive tapes


Pvc packing

Adhesive , glue and sealants

Ropes , Belts

Other services

Maintenance solution

A range of pioneering maintenance services to maximise productivity and minimise waste

Facility management services

Comprehensive facility management services for all your needs