We are building a better world by applying world‑class expertise to solve its clients greatest challenges.

About Magna industry

ACHIEVE 2024 defines Magna Industry’s vision and plans for the coming years, aiming to position the company to compete and win in an increasingly complex market environment.

The huge shift in the market in recent years, the move towards Connected, Automated and the increasing focus on quick services which has provided an opportunity for the service industry to reposition itself and focus on the dual responsibility of meeting the needs of today and tomorrow.

Magna Industry benefits from a strong heritage built on technological innovation. Our aim is to build on this position to create an even stronger, innovative ecosystem We follow a simple rule: there are no limitations. Where others see problems, we see possibilities. We challenge conventional thinking.

We believe in being problem solvers. We relentlessly seek to break fresh ground through alternative thinking and ingenious use of resources. It’s this constant want for innovation that drives us forward.

Our world gets better every time we choose to do good. In everything we offer, we care for quality but also aim to always improve and transform the lives we touch. We don’t just do business, we constantly create and innovate, to help our customers and communities to Rise.

Our Vision

By FY 2024, we will become the most aspirational and consistent service provider to our customers , by

  • Delivering superior financial returns
  • Driving sustainable solutions
  • Exceeding customer expectations, and
  • Creating a highly engaged workforce

Our Mission

We work hand in hand with our customers to create a safer and better world. Our leadership inspires, motivates, and guides the organization to greater success by defining new and exciting horizons to scale. Senior leadership, comprising eminent industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge, works to achieve the vision and mission of the organization by setting high standards of performance and excellence.

Our Values

Innovation :: Diversity :: Collaboration :: Sustainability :: Excellence