What we do.

A range of pioneering maintenance services to maximise productivity and minimise waste

Maintenance solutions

We stand out as a holistic technology-driven partner for total industrial maintenance because of our mix of advanced monitoring capabilities and predictive analytics.

Benefits to industry

  1. Cost
  2. Technical expertise(know- how)
  3. Supplier availability
  4. Facilities availability
  5. Risk mitigation

You can rely on factory maintenance services from Magna industry to provide results thanks to our more than three decades of industrial maintenance experience and best-in-class practices. Our all-in-one solution ensures that your most vital assets have less downtime, are more cost-effective, are safer, and have a longer lifespan.We are a prominent facility management firm in Delhi that provides comprehensive facility management services and solutions in Delhi and the National Capital Region.

Our specialization

Breakdown , Repair and Maintenance

Industrial and Engineering spares

Industrial belts and V belts


Seals, Oils seals and industrial seals

Measurement gauges, gauge fittings

Lifting Hooks , chains and clamps

Rare engineering items

Alloy, Metal , Plastic pipe Fittings

Hand and Power tools

Drills, grinders, saws and power tools

Pliers, screwdrivers and hammers

Hydraulic and pneumatic tools

Drilling and boring equipment

Other services

Packaging solution

Providing tailor made solution for unique requirements of your business.

Facility management services

Comprehensive facility management services for all your needs