What we do.

Comprehensive facility management services for all your needs

Facility management services

Magna industry is a professionally managed and technology-driven integrated facilities management company specializing in developing cost-effective solutions for all ofyour facility management needs.

Benefits to industry

  1. Cost – effective
  2. Increase The life span of the business assets
  3. Reduce pressure & stress
  4. Improve efficiency & productivity
  5. Space optimization

We are proud to have a team of best-in-class technocrats who meticulously examine your facility's installed systems, processes (practiced SOP), and operations, collect various data, analyze it, and come up with the most optimum solution that is practically doable, improves overall performance, ensures system longevity, overall safety, and compliance with set compliances, and saves a significant amount of money that would have been wasted due to inefficiency.

Our specialization

Stationary and Housekeeping

Welding, rods, electrodes and wires

Industrial Uniform and safety wear

Welding equipment and machinery

Other unique services

Other Services

Maintenance solution

A range of pioneering maintenance services to maximise productivity and minimise waste

Packaging solution

Providing tailor made solution for unique requirements of your business.